Spain Through the Eyes of a Black American Woman (Paperback)

Spain Through the Eyes of a Black American Woman By Joy E. Glenn Cover Image
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Embracing change can be difficult, nevertheless the Glenn family withstood this challenge with open arms, understanding, and gratitude. The question may ring in your minds like a million phones. How will a young Black American family survive in a European country like Spain? Will they adapt? Will they make friends? Will they undergo discrimination as they did in their own country? Will they stay? The answer to all of these questions are exquisitely answered in this beautifully written reality of a young Black American Queen and her family.

Not only are the experiences of Joy E. Glenn being distributed throughout this book, yet those of her husband, children and sisters are shared as well. Each family member evolving through learning a new language (Spanish), embracing the culture and traveling. The family's divine presence in Spain provides healing for each of them individually, yet from different measures. These detailed stories of both favorable and unfavorable accounts possess not only truth but opinions through the eyes of a Black American Woman.

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ISBN: 9781736800041
ISBN-10: 1736800043
Publisher: Joy E. Glenn
Publication Date: June 7th, 2021
Pages: 282
Language: English