Learn Guitar Chord Theory: A comprehensive course on building guitar chords (Paperback)

Learn Guitar Chord Theory: A comprehensive course on building guitar chords By Dwayne Jenkins Cover Image
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Learn Guitar Chord Theory is a comprehensive course on enjoying the fun of constructing guitar chords. It will lead you on a path to guitar chord mastery. It will teach you how to build and fully understand guitar chords in a simple step-by-step method. Starting with the triad (three-note chord) and building up and out from there. Learn the foundation of the guitar chord, how to properly form it, what notes are needed for each key, and what's necessary to create music with them. Learn to play guitar chords such as majors, minors, sus2, sus4, augmented, diminished, sixth chords, dominant seventh chords, etc. In addition to all that, you'll also learn why they are called those names. This will give you a foundation for the basics of music theory. Yep, it's all here and more in this book Learn Guitar Chord Theory. If you are looking to learn guitar chords in a simple easy fashion, then this book is for you. Even if you already know basic guitar chords, expanding your chord vocabulary will not only improve your guitar playing but also help improve your musicianship. Packed with information that most guitar players who play by ear don't know. Like how to read chord diagrams. How to move and add notes for creating better emotional content. This book is designed to take you from an absolute newbie (who knows nothing about guitar chords) to a well proficient player of music knowledge and understanding. Unlock the mysteries of the fretboard, expand your music theory, and learn concepts associated with playing guitar that professionals use. All in this comprehensive course.

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ISBN: 9781736639306
ISBN-10: 1736639307
Publisher: Tritone Publishing
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2021
Pages: 158
Language: English