Stories from the Attic (Paperback)

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Stories from the Attic is a collection of family stories and photographs from 1887 - 1927. Historically accurate, the author's ancestors are brought to life with description, dialogue and a pinch of imagination. This book takes you through the lives of four families in the small town of Fenton, Michigan at the turn of the last century. These are stories of everyday life: courtship, love, success and tragedy. Young Emma waits in vain for her beloved to return from California, but are the town gossips right? Has his social climbing mother made a better match for him out west with a senator's daughter? Everett has plotted his life carefully - graduating law school at such a young age he has to wait until he turns 21 to take the bar exam, setting up his law practice and making all the right social and political connections . He has aspirations to the governorship or Supreme Court; appendicitis was not in his plans. Grace, a young lady from a prominent family, was not going to let social conventions keep her from doing the things she loved. Against her mother's wishes she performs in the Fenton Ladies Coronet Band and works as a milliner at the local department store. Finally married and settled down in her "Dream Victorian" she finds herself a young widow with two small children to support. Charlie Scott leaves the family farm to seek fame and fortune. A stow-away on a train he's caught and thrown off in Fenton. With no friends, money or connections can he overcome his shyness and stammer to become a prominent citizen? Bill and Nellie have known each other since the day she was born. He always knew she was the girl for him. But when his family moves to Redford will his best friend George move in on Bill's girl? These are the moving, true stories that will give you a peek into one family's past.

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ISBN: 9781735101217
ISBN-10: 1735101214
Publisher: Marcina L Foster
Publication Date: September 1st, 2020
Pages: 200
Language: English