Ghosts of the Scattered Kingdoms (Paperback)

Ghosts of the Scattered Kingdoms By Wade Garret Cover Image
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Flintlock fantasy and industrial punk collide in this hard-hitting tale perfect for fans of Brian McClellan.

The old empire, fueled by magic and machine, has fallen to ruin. The remaining patchwork of torchlit bergs are full of unrest and spies for the Enemy. The Rebellion's best agent, Arium Black, has dedicated his life to bringing down the Enemy and its foul legions. They've returned the favor by killing everyone he's ever cared about. It's only made Black more determined to win this bloody game of cat and mouse.

But when he returns to his safe house in Pehat's Berg to gather more intelligence, he discovers the Enemy may have gained the upper hand again. The Enemy's men are in the Berg, looking for him. He missed something Some plot he has yet to uncover. One that could mean the end of the Rebellion. Thus, begins the longest night of Black's life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781734648638
ISBN-10: 1734648635
Publisher: Epic Publishing
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2021
Pages: 284
Language: English