Cultural Clarity: Understanding and Developing Your Organizational Culture (Paperback)

Cultural Clarity: Understanding and Developing Your Organizational Culture By Andrew K. Fox Cover Image
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How does organizational culture affect the health and productivity of its members? Why do people like to do business with certain organizations more than others? In what way does organizational culture retain members and grow with new members? What is the process for an organization to become a household name?
I found certain dysfunctional patterns in organizations that prevented them from becoming a healthy organizational culture that could problem solve through collaboration resulting in quality growth. I wanted to take all my experience, education, research, and knowledge to help organizations become the very best at what they do by providing the necessary empowering tools to develop organizational culture.
Andrew Fox's life can be best described as climbing through an open window instead of walking through the front door. From the first season of life to the current season, everything has been a result of a conversation. You will not find his degrees framed on the wall. What you will find are artifacts from the year 611, a piece of the Berlin Wall, and books over two centuries old in a large library compiling the thoughts of great thinkers. Andrew loves to help leaders gain clarity in their organizational culture. It's like waking a giant in each leader
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ISBN: 9781734073317
ISBN-10: 1734073314
Publisher: Dr. Andrew K. Fox Inc.
Publication Date: May 10th, 2022
Pages: 152
Language: English