The Twelve Steps For Smartphone Addiction (Paperback)

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A Spiritual Path to Responsible Use of Smartphones, Gaming, and Other Digital Technology.

An effective solution to the challenge of digital addiction based on the rich and successful tradition of the Twelve Steps.

The Twelve Steps are one of the most effective methods for treating addiction in human history. Originating with Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939, the Twelve Steps have since been used to treat a variety of other addictions, including drugs, sex, gambling, eating disorders, and many others.

Now in this groundbreaking work, the Twelve Steps are applied to the complex and evolving contemporary phenomenon of Smartphone Addiction. Smartphone Addiction is a new and troubling phenomenon that has burst upon an unprepared society with alarming speed.

Many people crave the use of Smartphone Technology and its constant and effective system of sensory rewards in a strikingly similar way to any other addict. Smartphones and the complex software they run have been architected to promote continued and progressive usage. This sophisticated technology clearly feeds on natural addictive tendencies, and recent evidence suggests Smartphones are intentionally designed to be addictive.

The Twelve Steps are designed to work on the underlying issues that cause Digital Addiction, and create an understanding and acceptance of ones' addiction. The Twelve Steps at their core are a set of spiritual principles that enable a new and fulfilling way of life for an addict. Even someone who is not truly addicted can enhance their life and understanding of them self, their relationships with others, and their spiritual nature by working through The Twelve Steps.

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