How to Analyze People: The Simple Guide to Speed Reading People Using Human Behavior Psychology and Body Language Analysis to Defend Yourself (Paperback)

How to Analyze People: The Simple Guide to Speed Reading People Using Human Behavior Psychology and Body Language Analysis to Defend Yourself Cover Image
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Would you like to be able to defend yourself against mind control, manipulation, and deception? Would you like to be able to see the hidden messages that a person's body language reveals? If the answer to these questions is YES, then keep reading...

You can only defend yourself against manipulation if you know what manipulation is. Reading body language implies that you know what amounts to body language, and this why the book first introduces what is human behavior psychology as it is important to understand why people exhibit such behavior. You will learn:

  • Why analyze a person?
  • Becoming an Analyst of people

It becomes necessary to explore the different aspects of nonverbal communication.

No particular aspect of body language should be read in isolation but should be read with the entire set of body language to generate a convincing conclusion. You will learn:

  • Body language basics
  • Hand gestures and arm signals
  • Eye signals and facial expression
  • Non-verbal of legs and feet

Another aspect of body language is mirroring body language, which is done to help establish a quick connection and initiate a relationship between two or more strangers. Mirroring body language refers to intentional mimicking certain aspects of body language and you will learn witch they are.

At this point it is necessary to introduce what is:

  • Mind control and how to defend yourself
  • Manipulation and dealing with manipulators

Having gained knowledge of reading people, you will be guided through ways of detecting and defending oneself against mind control as well as manipulators. As with any aspect of reading people, one has to understand and use manipulation to manage to notice it and defend against it. For this reason, this book merely avoids listing summaries of what are manipulators and how to defend against them and presents the theoretical underlining of manipulation and mind control to enable the reader to be empowered to known and unknown forms of manipulation.

Finally, the reader is guided through ways of:

Detecting lying and deception

The last chapters of the book constitute one of the main roles of reading people, which is to detect mind control, manipulation, and lying as well as deception and then defend oneself against it. Most of manipulators and liars understand that much communication happens at the subconscious level, and this enables the person to take advantage of others without their realization in the short-term and sometimes in the long-term.

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