Bumblebees and Dandelions: Tales to Make You Laugh, Smile, and Remember (Paperback)

Bumblebees and Dandelions: Tales to Make You Laugh, Smile, and Remember By Robert P. Simpson, Frank a. Mariani (Illustrator), Michael J. Simpson (Contribution by) Cover Image
By Robert P. Simpson, Frank a. Mariani (Illustrator), Michael J. Simpson (Contribution by)
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Bumblebees and Dandelions is the long-awaited collection of reminiscences and ruminations by Robert P. Simpson, a patent attorney well known for his humorous story telling. Simpson explores the milestones of growing up in middle class Niagara Falls, New York in the 1970s. The poignant reflections collected here are well known to Bob's friends as "Bob -Tales"-- stories shared over the years. The 33 "Bob-Tales" in this volume describe growing up in Niagara Falls with fresh insight into classical childhood adventures, love and learning, friendship and adventure, school and church by a master storyteller. Bob finds warmth and humor in every day situations. Some of these tales are laugh out loud funny. Others convey the strong emotions of deep friendship, close families, and true love.

This nostalgic and humorous collection of short tales will inspire you to smile, laugh, and remember. Raconteur Robert P. Simpson takes you back in time with the authentic voice of a child. He will move you to tears as he shares the story of how her brought back his mother's smile by presenting her with "the most beautiful flowers in the world. " Bob will have you in stitches with his doubts about Santa Claus and his foiled plot to discover the truth by counting carrots.

He shares the nightmare of getting lost and the joy of finding the way back home. He captures the mood of summer days spent swimming with friends, showing off on bicycles, and discovering girls. He describes the angst of dating and the backfiring of inventions. He tells about coming of age on an epic bicycle trip with stunning clarity.

The tales continue beyond childhood, as this patent lawyer turned author explains why it's a bad idea to attend a wine-tasting the evening before the law school admission test, or to tell your prospective bride that you are Italian and can make sauce, when you're actually Irish and can't tell the difference between a garlic bulb and a dahlia bulb.

He also explains why it's a good idea to go alone to the wedding of a woman you used to date but who dumped you to marry a doctor. He may be a first-time author, but Bob Simpson's loyal fans say that he paints pictures with his words and makes them read in color.

Come along on a humorous journey with raconteur extraordinaire Robert P. Simpson. Bob's warm and engaging stories are guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, cry, and remember. He'll have you in stitches one moment and tears the next. Friends and fans of Bob's trademark storytelling call these stories of love, family, and friendship "Bob-Tales."

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