Salt Hank: A Five Napkin Situation (A Cookbook) (Hardcover)

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Amazing, big-flavor recipes for food-obsessed people from one of social media’s most beloved and popular personalities Henry Laporte a.k.a. @Salt_Hank.

Salt Hank’s love for food began when he first tasted salami on Christmas Day at six years old, and it changed the trajectory of his life. Hank, also known as Henry Laporte, now makes big-personality videos about the most flavor-packed food imaginable for millions of die-hard fans. His TikTok and Instagram videos may not have a lot of talking (except to capture Hank’s gasps of joy when he tastes the final dish), but they do have many mouthwatering close-ups of dripping sauce, juicy meats, crispy bread, and whatever else is sure to stir the heart of viewers and leave them craving more.

Salt Hank is his first cookbook that includes an entire chapter of fried food; main courses like Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos or Duck Breast with Potato Chips and Pan Sauce; a chapter dedicated to sauces and dips because Salt Hank wouldn’t be Salt Hank without decadent sauces; plenty of recipes for pickles; and of course, sandwiches…a lot of sandwiches.

Including viral favorites like his Lamb Burger, Steak Frites Sandwich, Vodka Parmesan, and Pesto Chicken this book also includes brand-new recipes. If the incredibly delicious recipes and Hank’s (sometimes irreverent) sense of humor aren’t enticing enough, the brilliant photography will make just about anyone drool. Hank also offers insider advice on how you can create awesome food photography and videos. This book is perfect for fans but it is also for anyone who loves great-tasting food.

About the Author

Henry Laporte, also known as Salt Hank, is a recipe developer and content creator known for his over-the-top, viral recipes. His love of food and cooking began in his parent’s kitchen at a young age—teaching him that good food is a product of having fun and experimenting in the kitchen. That spirit is carried through his entertaining recipe videos across his social channels. With his passion for helping his online community learn how to make mouthwatering food, mostly from scratch, and his charming wit, Henry has left an indelible mark on his millions of fans who are equally as food-obsessed as he is.

Praise For…

“I’ve seen Hank’s food both in person and on social media and been thoroughly impressed. His creativity is across every page of this book and is exactly what I loved about him the first time we met.”—Gordon Ramsay

“Henry makes mouthwatering sandwiches, but I’m happy to see him stretch his legs and show that he’s got much more than that to offer in this book.”—Joshua Weissman, New York Times bestselling author

“Hank has made the world a better place. He has made everyone, including myself, rethink wtf a sandwich could or should be.”—Matty Matheson, Canadian legend

“If you’re like me, you devour Salt Hank’s incredible videos on your socials, and now you can devour his actual food. This is the world’s best cookbook if you happen to be looking for FLAVOR! That’s why I love Salt Hank and can’t wait to eat every single recipe in this book.”—Phil Rosenthal, New York Times bestselling author of Somebody Feed Phil the Book

“Few things in this world make me hungrier than Salt Hank. He makes you want to put your phone down, get in the kitchen, and create your own saucy, crunchy masterpiece. Now, thanks to this exhaustive (and mouthwatering) guide, you can finally bring the mustache home and taste it for yourself. That came out wrong. Actually, you know what, no it didn’t.”—Andrew Rea, New York Times bestselling author of Basics with Babish

“Salt Hank’s cooking is genuinely impressive. It might seem like he’s just making sandwiches, but he has great technique and really bold flavors. I’d eat anything Salt Hank offered me, with or without the bread.”—Olivia Tiedemann, voted against Bobby Flay on Beat Bobby Flay

“Beyond our social media rivalry and Salt Hank’s unorthodox, Mario-character-looking appearance lies an arsenal of truly incredible, must-try, recipes found in this cookbook. Hank, you are a sandwich maverick and these recipes more than prove you a worthy opponent.”—Owen Han, author of Stacked
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ISBN: 9781668025482
ISBN-10: 1668025485
Publisher: S&S/Simon Element
Publication Date: October 8th, 2024
Pages: 256
Language: English