Canadian Health Care Blueprint: Reaching Higher, Working Smarter. Getting Stronger (Paperback)

Canadian Health Care Blueprint: Reaching Higher, Working Smarter. Getting Stronger By Richard Powlesland Cover Image
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The Canadian Health Care Blueprint for the 21 st Century starts with a wide angle panoramic view and then slowly narrows it down to focus on those ideas that will have the greatest improvement on the system. Both the patient and the health care providers want to see change. Examining what other sectors of society have done to make improvements and then apply them in a systematic way to health care can make a huge difference. It will bring about a fundamental change in the way health care is provided that may last a lifetime if attention is paid to update the processes regularly. Patients and providers, administrators and taxpayer will all appreciate knowing where the system is going and how they will benefit.

About the Author

Born and raised in Northern Ontario I worked as a paramedic for 37 years . The job was always a challenge but I enjoyed working with the people and doing all I could for the patient. Gradually over time the system became overloaded. Hospitals began to lose ground as all problems were taken to them. Tweaking the system helped for a while but the problems kept emerging. Lining up in hospital hallways waiting to unload my patients was some of the most difficult times. Not able to get patients the help they needed and unable to answer 911 calls. That is when I discovered writing to be a great stress reliever. I presented many ideas to management and many have been implemented. Maybe with any luck this book will be another.
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ISBN: 9781667894522
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Publication Date: September 19th, 2023
Pages: 208
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