Meat Me Halfway: How Changing the Way We Eat Can Improve Our Lives and Save Our Planet (Compact Disc)

Meat Me Halfway: How Changing the Way We Eat Can Improve Our Lives and Save Our Planet By Brian Kateman, Pete Cross (Read by) Cover Image
By Brian Kateman, Pete Cross (Read by)
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We know that eating animals is bad for the planet and bad for our health, and yet we do it anyway. Ask anyone in the plant-based movement and the solution seems obvious: stop eating meat. But, for many people, that stark solution is neither appealing nor practical. In Meat Me Halfway, author and founder of the reducetarian movement Brian Kateman puts forth a realistic and balanced goal: mindfully reduce your meat consumption. It might seem strange for a leader of the plant-based movement to say, but meat is here to stay. The question is not how to ween society off meat but how to make meat more healthy, more humane, and more sustainable. In this book, Kateman answers the question that has plagued vegans for years: why are we so resistant to changing the way we eat, and what can we do about it? Exploring our historical relationship with meat, from the domestication of animals to the early industrialization of meatpacking, to the advent of the one-stop grocery store, the science of taste, and the laws that impact our access to food, Meat Me Halfway reveals how humans have evolved as meat-eaters. Featuring interviews with pioneers in the science of meat alternatives, investigations into new types of farming designed to lessen environmental impact, and innovations in ethical and sustainable agriculture, this down-to-earth book shows that we all can change the way we create and consume food.
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ISBN: 9781666558692
ISBN-10: 1666558699
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: May 19th, 2022
Language: English