The Mountaineer: An Explorer's Guide to Summiting the Mountain of the Lord (Paperback)

The Mountaineer: An Explorer's Guide to Summiting the Mountain of the Lord By Chris Wedin Cover Image
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In The Mountaineer, you will explore the glorious and wonderful nature of God and learn how to regularly meet with Him in the most profound and life changing way. Discover the magnificent mountain of the Lord and learn how to prepare for a "summit". At the summit, you will find power that impacts you and those you love. During the course of this epic journey, descend deep into subjects like surrender, consecration, obedience, brokenness, desperation, holiness, and intercessory prayer. This book is like a match-lit, and at the base of a potential inferno. If read and practiced, it will light you on fire, fan your gifts into flame, and set you firmly on course to becoming one of Christ's most adventuresome and devoted followers. Uncover the answers to these questions and more: - What does it mean to summit the mountain of the Lord? - Does God have certain conditions if He is to be discovered? - How can I prepare to successfully summit on every climb? - What does it mean to be "more than conquerors" in Christ Jesus? Chris Wedin has been engaged in the ministries of worship, evangelism, and discipleship for over 30 years. He has travelled all over the world sharing the love of Christ, helping the poor, smuggling Bibles, and making disciples. During these quests, he delivered the Gospel to some of the most remote places on Earth. Whether to the mountainous villages of Asia and Africa, or the distant indigenous communities of the Amazon, Chris has spent many hours trekking, climbing, and canoeing to share the love of Christ with those who've never heard. Chris is an avid outdoor adventurer, mountain biker, snowboarder, triathlete, and extreme sports enthusiast. He and his wife, Anne Marie, reside in Louisville Kentucky, from where they embark upon many adventures with their children, Asher and Asiah.
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ISBN: 9781662853234
ISBN-10: 1662853238
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: August 16th, 2022
Pages: 378
Language: English