Ms. Philippines Cooking in America Nanay's Authentic Filipino Fiesta Food (Paperback)

Ms. Philippines Cooking in America Nanay's Authentic Filipino Fiesta Food By Elizabeth Guevara-Buan Clnp Ret Cover Image
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This is to share our Filipino Culture through cooking and family. This is a guide to help any person of adult age to try and learn how to cook Filipino Food for themselves, their families or a group of people, through the gift of sharing. This book is meant to open the door for any person, whether they are Filipinos that have never cooked these foods before, to any race of any culture to learn the basics of cooking Filipino Food. Elizabeth N. Guevara-Buan is a registered nurse. She is a published author of "The Miracles in the Life of Abeth" which she dedicated to her children but donated the net profit of that book to a non-profit organization close to her heart; The Mission Rosary Prayer Groups; to all that had served in the prayer groups all over California and beyond; and Abeth Foundation for World Peace. She and the rest of her family continue to live in Carlsbad, California. She constantly looks for key people to help her with her cause: be prayer group leaders and members; and homes where she can form a rosary prayer groups, to do rosaries and novenas. House to house. She has dedicated herself and time for more than twenty-five years now in propagating her faith. She has devoted the rest of her life to continue this form of worship and search for key people to support her cause; with the same dedication and service to Jesus, and His mother Mary. The book mentioned above is a must read to really understand why her priorities in life have changed. She wanted the whole world to know that she made this mission top priority above all things in her remaining lifetime. Interested party for information regarding: The Mission Rosary Prayer Group or Abeth Foundation Praying for World Peace Text (760) 533 -7191 Email:
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ISBN: 9781662825569
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Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: September 28th, 2021
Pages: 388
Language: English