Mastering Light in Watercolor: 25 Stunning Projects That Explore Painting Sunsets, Nighttime Scenes, Sunny Landscapes, and More (Paperback)

Mastering Light in Watercolor: 25 Stunning Projects That Explore Painting Sunsets, Nighttime Scenes,  Sunny Landscapes, and More By Kolbie Blume Cover Image
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Capture the Beauty of Light in Gorgeous Watercolor Scenes

From a lonely mountain highway bathed in midday sun and glittering city lights reflecting off a calm ocean, to a haunted house peeking out of early morning mist and a winter sunset illuminating a snowy forest, this brilliant collection of watercolor masterpieces is an essential primer on representing light in all its varied forms.

Artist and author Kolbie Blume breaks complex concepts into easily grasped steps, so that anyone—even beginners—can paint vibrant scenes full of light and luminance. Paintings like Ancient Glow, Twilight Seas and Magic in the Fields allow you to master everything from bright afternoon sunlight and glowing golden hour beams to shimmering starlight and magical misty dawn. Each gorgeous painting teaches you new tricks and techniques to beautifully represent outdoor scenes during any time of the day.

Kolbie’s thoughtful, easy-to-follow instructions make it simple to harness color and light in watercolor paintings transforming everyday scenes into something extraordinary.

About the Author

Kolbie Blume is the author of Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes and Stunning Watercolor Seascapes and the creator of the popular watercolor Instagram account This Writing Desk. Along with a loving partner and an astoundingly imaginative child, Kolbie lives in the Washington, D.C., area.

Praise For…

“With this book, Kolbie masterfully instructs students through the tricky terrain of bringing light to watercolor. You will be delighted at every turn of the page!”
—Cara Rosalie Olsen, artist and author of Botanical Watercolor Painting for Beginners

“Effervescent, engaging and abundant, Kolbie’s new book exploring landscapes and light is stunning, with so many engaging projects to entertain and educate!”
—Sarah Simon, best-selling author and artist and creator of The Mint Gardener

“In this book, Kolbie provides comprehensive step-by-step guidance for artists of all levels to capture the vibrant radiance of light in landscape paintings.”
—Peggy Dean, best-selling author and artist

“Kolbie’s ability to express the step by step of painting is both direct and lyrical, imaginative and straightforward. Before Kolbie, I was terrified of clouds and water, and now I’m drawn to them confidently.”
—Kristy Rice, teacher and author

“What makes Kolbie truly something special as a teacher is her ability to communicate that knowledge in a way that’s understandable and encouraging. Her philosophy of creating art without the expectation of perfection will free you to create without self-doubt, putting you on the path to greater confidence in your art and some really beautiful paintings!”
—Andrea Nelson, artist and educator

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Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
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