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In Torrential Mist, Sean Bellamy Rice Sr. gives voice to painful diseases that many people around the world have experienced and are experiencing right now. Sean's life and his painful memories about his extreme situation and how he dealt with them, I think, will help anyone who finds themselves in traumatic situations. The book covers his life from the time he was twelve years old, all the way until the present. As his big brother, I have known him all his life, and I am in awe of his positiveness in the face of all his pain and disease. Even though he is younger than me, I have to say he is my hero. The book is so compelling and interesting, I could not put it down. Although I haven't gone through what he has experienced, it even encouraged me, with my small problems. I believe anyone who is going through trauma, disease, pain, or even mental anguish will be helped and encouraged, with God, to live a happy and triumphant life by reading Torrential Mist.

-Edgar L. Rice IV

Sean writes, "It was a herculean effort trying to come up with a name for this project, but one day I was reminded of a scripture. This particular scripture has always had a profound impact on my life. In James 4:14, James, the brother of Jesus and the author of the book, reminds us that our life is but a mist that is here for only a little while then vanishes. Consider the anxiety of a pending test or a report that's due or the anticipation of an upcoming wedding or the birth of a child or perhaps the death of a loved one. During these times, life doesn't seem like a mist."

When we are enveloped in those moments, in time you don't think about your mortality. Only when time passes, and you can look back on events that have transpired in our lives can we fully appreciate how true James's analogy was. Life has an uncanny ability to provide us with people, experiences, and circumstances that can turn each and every one of our lives into a "Torrential Mist."

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ISBN: 9781644684917
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Publisher: Covenant Books
Publication Date: January 28th, 2021
Pages: 104
Language: English