The Leadership Attitude: Inspiring Success Through Authenticity and Passion (Paperback)

The Leadership Attitude: Inspiring Success Through Authenticity and Passion By Deborah E. McGee Cover Image
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Speak Your Truth in Business

Globalization in business is about expanding your reach by getting your products out there. But products don't sell themselves, people do that. If you want to do business globally, you have to be able to work with different cultures. Beyond that, you must be able to understand the person and their behaviors, their energies. To really make teams work, you must get down below the skin level to the behaviors that drive people. As a leader, that means more than just listening with your ears, you must also listen with your heart-a crucial element when reimagining the workplace in a virtual world where true human connections are difficult, if not impossible, to make. You must also inspire your team, those informal leaders who have no authority but who know how to influence by understanding and connecting with people.

In The Leadership Attitude: Inspiring Success through Authenticity and Passion, author Deborah E. McGee shares her evolution of leadership from one who led solely from her head, letting only logic and facts guide decisions, to one who now knows how to lead with the heart. That means stepping back and learning to trust others to lead because there are a lot of good ideas out there. It also means being a leader of faith, one who is not afraid to speak openly about her Christian faith and leading as Christ would lead.

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ISBN: 9781642257151
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Publication Date: May 21st, 2024
Pages: 158
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