Naturally Fermented Bread: How to Use Yeast Water Starters to Bake Wholesome Loaves and Sweet Fermented Buns (Hardcover)

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Learn to bake healthy, wholesome loaves and sweet fermented buns using wild yeasts cultivated from fruits, flowers, vegetables, and plants.

Like sourdough baking, yeast-water or botanical bread baking draws on the amazing process of fermentation and the ancient art of breadmaking. The method described in this book, while unique, is informed by the author’s knowledge of both bulk fermentation and sourdough bread baking, resulting in an innovative process and delicious, nutritious results.

To bake naturally fermented bread—fruit, vegetables, plants, or flowers are submerged in water and left for a few days to a few weeks to ferment. Yeasts living in this newly fermented water, or botanical water, will, like a sourdough starter, raise the dough more slowly than commercial fresh or dried yeast resulting in a more flavorful and gut-friendly bread.

You can use this technique to make traditional long-fermented loaves and also a range of sweet fermented buns that showcase the subtle and surprising flavors of your own botanical starters.

Recipes include:
  • Tomato and Basil Pizza Dough
  • Cucumber Burger Buns
  • Chocolate Orange Brioche
  • And much more!
Naturally Fermented Bread is the first and most authoritative introduction to this innovative baking technique—a must for any baker's library.

About the Author

With over 35 years’ experience in his field, Paul Barker is a passionate baker with an infectious enthusiasm for his craft. Paul is a qualified baker, pâtissier, chocolatier, cake decorator, and flour miller. He has a passion for the science of baking and thrives on using this knowledge to pioneer and develop new products and approaches to baking, such as Botanical Baking.

In 2005 he opened Cinnamon Square, an artisan Bakery with a Baking School for adults and children. Cinnamon Square is now a multi award–winning business. Accolades include recognition for product innovation and skills achievement from associations such as the Baking Industry, World Bread Awards, and The Great Taste Awards.

His passion for science led to his first book, Cinnamon Square - A Measured Approach, a unique recipe book focused on using precision measurement and techniques to help the home baker achieve consistency and greater confidence with their baking. His second book, Naturally Fermented Bread, explores his innovative approach to baking using botanical starters. He lives in Hertfordhsire, England.

Praise For…

"I first met Paul when Cinnamon Bakery appeared on Britain’s Best Bakery. His passion for meticulous scientific baking from the outset set him apart. In this book Paul enthuses and shares his supreme knowledge of baking using natural botanical fermentation. Bakers young and old, novice and experienced will enjoy making and baking these tasty and nutritious breads and buns. So much content, top tips, advice, techniques and recipes to share and excite the baking community - all naturally fermented and making good use of everyday botanicals."Mich Turner MBE

"A beautiful book, just what is needed, with great technique tips and wonderful recipes, savoury and sweet, fully explained and all with stunning photos. Never has sourdough home baking been more popular - The perfect book, and it’s got the best cinnamon bun recipe in it too !!!!" 
 —Wendi Peters, actress and Celebrity Masterchef Finalist

"Bread such a simple thing.... few ingredients that we are all familiar with. So how can it be that few can master this old art! Fermentation is all around us. It’s life itself. A Boulanger masters the dough but must master fermentation everyday, especially when working with natural fermentation like sourdough. Paul is a well respected baker, teacher and very passionate too. I love his new take in his new book “Naturally Fermented Bread” as he makes simple every day ingredients a base that can ferment dough and open your taste buds to new flavours! Clearly explained, there’s plenty to bake for beginners and lots to learn too for anyone who’s love for baking needs a little “ je ne sais quoi “ to raise their baking skills. Bonne boulange." 
 —Richard Bertinet, Baker, Author, Teacher
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