There Are No Accidents in Love and Relationships: Meaningful Coincidences and the Stories of Our Families (Paperback)

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How many times have we thought that, if only we hadn't missed that bus or had to walk home after our car had died, perhaps we might have never met the love of our life with whom we have gone on to spend the rest of life? And how many times has a family member or a friend given us the perfect gift that we always wanted but had never spoken to anyone about?

These amazing coincidences can be explained as mere "chance" or even "fate" and perhaps even "cosmic connections." But one thing is for sure: dismissing them with an amused smile doesn't come close to doing them justice. Such events happen to us all at crucial junctures in our life stories, and unbidden, these coincidences change everything. Just at the moment we have a critical decision to make that will shape our future, they bring our attention to the transcendent bonds we share with those we love, our spouses, our children and our families.

After the extraordinary popularity of There Are No Accidents: Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives, Jungian psychotherapist Robert H. Hopcke returns once more to an even deeper exploration of the phenomenon of meaningful coincidences, this time within the ambit of that most intimate area of our lives--our love life and our family connections. Drawing from the stories of clients, friends and colleagues, as well as disclosing some of his own experiences that have led him to pursue the topic of synchronicity for the past 20 years of research and writing, he looks at how we ourselves make meaning out of these chances events and thereby enrich our lives in ways we might not otherwise find a way to do. Such occurrences lead us to a deeper appreciation of those we love but likewise lead us to a greater intimacy with our own unconscious, illuminating who we are through who--and how--we love.

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ISBN: 9781630514884
ISBN-10: 1630514888
Publisher: Chiron Publications
Publication Date: February 12th, 2018
Pages: 218
Language: English