Typhoon Time (Paperback)

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The Hunt for Red October meets Timeline

MARTIN RICHTER, a pacifist history professor specializing in pre-WWII Germany, has two passions in his life--history...and opposing nuclear weapons.

ERIC SOBOL, a terminally ill holocaust survivor billionaire, learns of a wormhole that leads back in time to 1938, and he decides to do everything within his power to change the past.

Thanks to their efforts, a modernized Russian Typhoon-class nuclear submarine jumps the time barrier and appears in 1938, manned by 21st century multinational experts and equipped with the best technology money can buy. But when a saboteur steals a nuclear warhead and delivers it to the German navy, all of history is at stake. As the crippled Typhoon is ambushed by a U-boat wolf pack, Hitler contemplates how to use his newly acquired weapon to make all of Europe fall to the Third Reich....

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ISBN: 9781614756163
ISBN-10: 1614756163
Publisher: Wordfire Press
Publication Date: March 5th, 2018
Pages: 438
Language: English