Emotional Well-Being: Embracing the Gift of Life (Paperback)

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Ever wonder how we lead a happy and meaningful life knowing that it can all end in a blink of an eye?

Interested in attaining greater peace of mind and leading a happier, more joyful life while positively impacting the world?

Emotional Well-Being can show you how. Through mindful awareness and embracing the present moment you can transform your life.

Emotional Well-Being provides insight about our emotional make-up, how we developed emotionally and what we can do as adults to lead a happier, more meaningful life. It brings a modern day perspective to topics that have always seemed to intrigue us, such as the meaning of life, our happiness, and our feelings of isolation and separateness. It presents ways to cope with life in the wake of stress, anxiety and misperception. It examines issues related to identity, and explores the basic question, Who are we?

At a time when stress across the globe is mounting and millions of us are feeling distressed and anxious, we need to find a better way, A Mindful Way. Emotional Well-Being provides that way.

Emotional Well-Being combines the interest of psychology, spirituality, and Eastern philosophy in a self help format that is practical, highly accessible and has universal appeal because it deals with the human condition. Through the use of wonderful stories, both professional and personal, and from films, TV, and Eastern philosophy, Emotional Well-Being provides us with an understanding of our emotional journey.

This is the only moment we have. We need to embrace the gift of life.

About the Author

An international workshop leader in Mindfulness and Emotional Health, Dr. Neil Kobrin, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist with decades of experience in human transformation and emotional well being. His workshops, attended by people from all over the world are designed to cultivate awareness, promote tranquility and shift consciousness to advance emotional health.After attaining his PhD in clinical psychology, Dr. Kobrin began his career as a psychotherapist and a professor of psychology. Shortly thereafter, he assumed the role of President and CEO of California Graduate School of Psychology. Dr. Kobrin rebuilt and rejuvenated the institution into a successfully functioning organization and eventually merged the school with American Schools of Psychology, a national set of graduate schools of psychology. Subsequently, he helped transformed the school into Argosy University, a multinational group of higher education campuses and one of the largest private educational systems in the country. Through his role as President he developed a substantial national and international network of contacts in the area of psychology and education which he maintains today.Throughout his career, Dr. Kobrin has taught graduate level psychology, trained psychology graduates for licensure and is responsible for training countless numbers of psychotherapists from all over the world. He is a dynamic public speaker and has engaged in public speaking on a local, national and international level. He has addressed professional organizations in psychology and has circulated throughout the local networks discussing psychology related issues. As a National Clinical Trainer he conducted workshops throughout the United States designed to prepare psychology graduates for licensing examinations. He has done numerous radio interviews and was an expect psychologist for KCBS, a flagship station of the CBS Radio Network and Westwood One. He has appeared in numerous newspaper articles and in the past, he has done local TV interviews to promote the growth of his psychology schools.Dr. Kobrin is an American Psychological Association Approved Sponsor for continuing education, a Board of Behavioral Science Provider (CA) of continuing education and leads Australian Psychological Society Endorsed workshops. As a continuing education provider he has access to over one hundred thousand licensed psychologists throughout the United States, in addition to thousands of licensed marriage and family therapists and clinical social workers in California, and the Australian network of psychologists.Dr. Kobrin continues to augment his knowledge base in mindfulness and Buddhist psychology. In addition to attending dozens of trainings throughout the US, lead by the foremost leaders in the subject area, he is a member of the Spirit Rock Meditation Centeris sangha and continues to study with world renowned teachers, such as with Jack Kornfeild. He has trained with Zen Master Genpo Roshi and has facilitated workshops with Roshi training facilitators from all over the world in the Big Mind process.In addition to maintaining a private clinical practice and conducting workshops and retreats in mindfulness and psychology, Dr. Kobrin is an Executive Consultant and an Educational Consultant. He has worked with higher education schools and corporations throughout the country.
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ISBN: 9781614481782
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Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication Date: May 11th, 2012
Pages: 258
Language: English