Rudimentary (Very Imperfectly Developed) (Hardcover)

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"The pieces you are about to read are not just poetry. These pieces are my diary. It is a growing experience for me and hopefully for you too. Some of the pieces are riddles ... Some of the pieces are to be taken literally; others are not. You decide." - Jesse Cougot This is a collection of poetry about the trials and tribulations of a young man's life. The compelling prose addresses confusion, meditation, spirituality (or sometimes lack thereof), sexuality, anger, resentment, love, lust, freedom, heaven, hell, masochism, suicidal tendencies, suicidal attempts, actual suicide, politics, and all the other ways the young author has chosen to express his emotions, both positive and negative. Readers will find it difficult to put down Rudimentary, one man's deeply moving expressions of his personal life experiences. Between February 1999 and December 2002, author Jesse Cougot experienced a poetic journey that spanned from Houston to Orlando, Florida, and resulted in Rudimentary: very imperfectly developed, a collection of poetry. Cougot has plans to pen a follow-up to this collection, as well as to write other genres of books and create a screenplay. He now resides in Houston, TX.

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ISBN: 9781609113650
ISBN-10: 1609113659
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: April 14th, 2010
Pages: 344
Language: English