Is That Me Yelling?: A Parent's Guide to Getting Your Kids to Cooperate Without Losing Your Cool (Paperback)

Is That Me Yelling?: A Parent's Guide to Getting Your Kids to Cooperate Without Losing Your Cool Cover Image
By Rona Renner, Christine Carter (Foreword by)
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Being a parent is hard work And when your child refuses to do even the little thingslike picking up their toys, taking a bath, or getting in the car to go to schoolit's easy to become frustrated. But what if there was a gentle, effective way for you to improve your kid's behavior without losing your cool or raising your voice? In "Is That Me Yelling?" leading authority on parenting, Rona Renner outlines effective communication strategies that focus on your child's unique temperament. While most books on discipline are one size fits all, this book offers a tailored parenting approach. Inside, you will learn powerful mindfulness techniques based in cognitive behavioral theory (CBT) and temperament theory to help reduce conflict and foster cooperation, respect, and understanding in your family. You will also learn the real reasons behind your frustration, how your unique temperament, as well as your child's, can contribute to you losing your temper, and how you can start feeling calm and connecting with your child in a positive way, right away.

As a parent, you are often under a great deal of stress. Between helping your child with their homework, running a household, and working, it's only natural to feel overwhelmed at times. But that's why you need real, practical solutions to help you communicate effectively and compassionately with your children in a way that will benefit you both. This book will show you how. To learn more, visit

About the Author

Rona Renner, RN, graduated from Brooklyn College School of Nursing in 1966, and she has since been dedicated to solving problems and helping people reduce their suffering. Her extensive experience includes working in medical hospitals and mental health programs in New York City and California; training women in childbirth preparation in Zaire, Africa (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo); helping to start a learning disabilities program in Pune, India; and providing parent education and ADHD and temperament counseling at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. Renner was the founder of the "Childhood Matters" and "Nuestros Ninos" call-in parenting radio shows, and hosted the "Childhood Matters" radio show for ten years. She currently consults and teaches classes for mental health professionals, teachers, and parents throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Her greatest teachers have been her four children, two grandsons, and her husband Mick. She lives in Berkeley, CA. To learn more, visit

Foreword writer Christine Carter, PhD, is a happiness expert, sociologist, and the author of "Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids" "and Happier Parents." Carter has helped thousands of people find more joy in their lives through her books, online classes, coaching, and speaking engagements. She teaches happiness classes online throughout the year to a global audience on her website Her blog is syndicated on the "Huffington Post" and "Psychology Today.""
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