Does This Collar Make My Butt Look Big?: A Diet Book for Cats (Hardcover)

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This diet-guide parody shows "extra furry" cats how to get svelte with kitty-specific versions of popular weight-loss and fitness regimes like the Zone, South Beach, Mayo Clinic, and French Women Don't Get Fat (But Their Cats Do).
Americans own more than 86 million cats, and the wild popularity of cat videos--from YouTube to the Internet Cat Video Film Festival--proves that cat-lovers can't get enough kitty humor. This book pokes fun at tubby tabbies--the world's cutest (and surliest) fat creatures--with laugh-out-loud details that will tickle the funnybone of anyone "owned" by a cat. Lampooning trendy weight-loss regimes and health gurus, this book will also make people feel better about their own battle of the bulge in comparison to cats' insatiable appetites and lazy lifestyles. By eating right for their blood type, sourcing raw and living foods, joining Weight Stalkers, avoiding toxic treats, and exercising while lying down, felines of every shape (round) and size (round) will soon be motivated to ditch the fifth serving of Beef Morsels in Gravy for fresh, local options like that vole in the backyard.

About the Author

DENA HARRIS lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, with her husband and two cats to whom she is allergic (the cats, not the husband). She is the author ofLessons in Stalking, For the Love of Cats, andWho Moved My Mouse? A Self-Help Book for Cats (Who Don t Need Any Help), which has been translated into six languages. She s held editorial positions at numerous magazines and teaches writing workshops around the nation. Every cat Dena has owned has been full-figured, but they still look fabulous in their collars. They have yet to forgive her for testing the strategies in this book on them. Visit"

Praise For…

"This diet guide shows 'extra furry' cats how to lose weight and get fit—fast! Perfect for felines of every shape (round) and size (round), this miraculous diet manual reveals the secrets to sourcing raw and living foods, avoiding toxic treats, choosing between Paleo and Weight Stalkers, exercising while lying down, and more. Two paws up!"
—Jillian Meowchaels, author of Master Your Metapurrlism
"This book shows tubby tabbies how to win the battle of the bulge. With exercises you can (almost) do in your sleep, it’s never been easier to . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . Huh? Wha . . . ? Is it time to eat?"
—Dr. Mewmet Paws, host of The Dr. Paws Show
"French women don’t get fat . . . but their cats do! This guide motivates fleshy felines to ditch that fifth serving of Beef Morsels in Gravy for sensibly sized portions of fresh, local options—like that vole in the backyard."
—Le Chat Pépin, author of The Art of Cooking Voles

Product Details
ISBN: 9781607744894
ISBN-10: 1607744899
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: September 17th, 2013
Pages: 119
Language: English