Dark Water (Hardcover)

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"The sea is calling, but the reluctant siren will do anything not to answer. . . . "
A year after the events that killed her sister and turned her into a siren, Vanessa is desperately trying to put her family back together and reclaim a normal life. But no matter how many times she swims, or how much salt water she drinks, she can feel herself getting weaker and weaker. She has no idea how to survive as a siren and she doesn t want to know the truth about her newly discovered identity. It's just too horrifying.
Then her biological mother shows up at her summer house in Maine she is one of the Nenuphars, the most powerful of all sirens. She promises that she wants to help the daughter from whom she's been separated for far too long. But is she to be trusted? Now Vanessa must face the harshest reality of all to survive she must endanger and injure others but is that any sort of life?
Chilling and romantic, "Dark Water" explores questions of identity as old as the sea, and brings the Siren trilogy to a startling conclusion.

About the Author

Tricia Rayburn grew up on the East End of Long Island and always was drawn to the water. She learned how to swim in the Long Island Sound and spent many summers at the beach. But she never went near the open ocean, even though it was only a few minutes away from her home. Spooked by her mother s stories of being dragged out by riptides and the horrors of the film "Jaws" (inspired by the true story of a fellow Long Islander), it wasn t until after she d graduated from college and returned home that Tricia set foot on an ocean beach.

To this day, she is wary of the water and afraid of being stung, bitten, or trampled by the waves. And yet, she can t help being drawn to the sea.

Tricia is the author of "Ruby s Slippers" and the Maggie Bean series, as well as the Siren trilogy: "Siren, Undercurrent, " and "Dark Water." You can visit her online at www.triciarayburn.com."
Product Details
ISBN: 9781606840764
ISBN-10: 1606840762
Publisher: Egmontusa
Publication Date: July 10th, 2012
Pages: 362
Language: English
Series: Siren Novels (Egmont USA)