Rinkitink In Oz (Hardcover)

Rinkitink In Oz By L. Frank Baum Cover Image
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What if the only hope to save your kingdom rested in the hands of an extremely lazy man and his grumpy goat? This is the situation Prince Inga of Pingaree finds himself in when his island is invaded and everyone (including the royal family) is taken away as slaves. The only ones overlooked are Inga and Rinkitink, the jolly king who is visiting in order to escape responsibility at home. The pair set out to rescue their family and friends, accompanied by Rinkitink's talking goat, Bilbil. They face tremendous obstacles, but with the Land of Oz just around the corner, you never know when Dorothy might show up to lend a hand One of the books in L. Frank Baum's Oz series, Rinkitink in Oz stands on its own as an exciting and enchanting adventure story.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781605123158
ISBN-10: 1605123153
Publisher: Akasha Classics
Publication Date: July 12th, 2009
Pages: 174
Language: English