The Big Book of Horses (Hardcover)

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By J.C. Suares (Editor)
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J. C. Suarés’ best-selling series of dog- and cat-inspired books have charmed and amused animal lovers throughout the past decades. In this book, Suarés relies on his horsemanship to dive into the emotional, aesthetic, athletic, and poetic world of the equine. The mystique and power of the untamed horse, the heroism of the war horse, the dependability of the workhorse, the pleasure and thrill derived from the companion or show horse—these are but a few of the reasons this noble creature has inspired love and reverence throughout all cultures. With photographs of everything from Roy Rogers and his fabulous Palomino to the intrepid Seabiscuit, from great jumpers to Vienna’s Lippizaners, from Arabian stallions to thoroughbred mares and their foals, from rodeos and wild Mustangs to ponies and their children, The Big Book of Horses is sure to warm the hearts of horse lovers everywhere. This 384-page tome contains more than 230 images—printed in duotone—taken by such passionate horse photographers as Mark J. Barrett, Bob Langrish, and Alain Laurioux.
The images are complemented by J. C.’s own whimsical horse drawings and by excerpts—both literary and personal—from the works of such diverse writers as Leo Tolstoy, Cormac McCarthy, and others, and from stories and anecdotes by horse owners and aficionados.
From the horse with a double-sized heart to Triple Crown champions, from General Lee’s Traveller to Buffalo Bill’s Charlie, The Big Book of Horses is filled with the remarkable, the famous, the beautiful and the bold. It’s a fitting tribute to our mythic equine friends.

About the Author

J. C. Suares is a designer of books, magazines, and newspapers. He has edited and designed three dozen books on animals, including "The Horse in Sport, The Jockey Club History of Thoroughbred Racing in America, The Rider's Diary," and "From Foal to Champion." Having owned numerous horses, he switched from hunters to polo ponies several years ago and regularly plays outdoor polo in the summer and arena polo in the winter. Not surprisingly, many of his steeds bear the names of typefaces (Bodoni, Caslon, Torino) but his favorite will always be Lucas, a tough 22-year-old chestnut who will do anything to win.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781599620138
Publisher: Welcome Books
Publication Date: October 24th, 2006
Pages: 384