Coloring Mandalas 4: For Confidence, Energy, and Purpose (Adult Coloring Book) (Paperback)

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Mandalas are circular designs containing lines, patterns, and colors that have been used in personal devotions throughout history and often symbolize a desire to mark or set aside a special time or place. Coloring mandalas is a creative activity that can help us feel connected to ourselves and to the world.
In her latest collection of mandalas for coloring, Susanne Fincher focuses on using mandalas as a way to claim our own truths and to find our way in the world. The original designs she presents are associated with being and doing. The being mandalas represent a sense of balance, integration, and self-realization. They can be reminiscent of the designs of heraldic shields carried as the emblem of personal power. The doing mandalas represent action, energy, and functioning in the world. These mandalas are associated with creativity, ingenuity, teamwork, and productivity. Coloring the mandalas in this book allows you to interact with forms that evoke both steady, centered being, and active, skillful doing. "Coloring Mandalas 4" provides a creative and insightful path toward self-knowledge.

About the Author

Susanne F. Fincher, MA, is a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Board Certified Art Therapist, and an internationally known expert using mandala-making for self-exploration. Through her workshops on creativity, people are able to engage their inner resources for insight, healing, and self-expression. Visit her web site at
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ISBN: 9781590309032
ISBN-10: 1590309030
Publisher: Shambhala
Publication Date: February 12th, 2013
Pages: 104
Language: English
Series: Adult Coloring Book