Turning the Wheel of Truth: Commentary on the Buddha's First Teaching (Paperback)

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Buddhist teachings like the eightfold path, the four noble truths, and karma pervade Buddhist literature--but how often do we read what the Buddha himself had to say about these topics? Here is an accessible look at the Buddha's First Discourse, which contains the foundation for all further Buddhist teaching.

Ajahn Sucitto offers a new translation of this revolutionary teaching, known as The Discourse That Sets Turning the Wheel of Truth. He then walks us through the text, offering engaging and practical point-by-point commentary that makes the Buddha's words come alive and reveals how the text's wisdom can inspire our own liberation.

About the Author

Ajahn Sucitto has been a Buddhist monk in the Thai Forest tradition since 1979, and has been teaching in the West since 1981. He is the abbot of Cittaviveka in England, the first Buddhist forest monastery established in the West. He is also the author of Rude Awakenings as well as several books for free distribution. For more information, see www.cittaviveka.org.

Praise For…

“Ajahn Sucitto takes one of the most essential of all Buddhist teachings and illuminates it with depth, perspective, and clarity. His teachings offer an immediate and straightforward vision of Dharma, like a lamp in the darkness.”—Jack Kornfield, author of Teachings of the Buddha

“An invaluable contribution to our understanding of the Buddha's teaching on the four noble truths. In a clear and thorough way, Ajahn Sucitto helps us study these teachings in the service of the liberating practice of understanding ourselves.”—Larry Rosenberg, author of Breath by Breath

“An accessible commentary on the philosophy of the middle way and the four noble truths.”— Buddhadharma

“Utterly familiar and, at the same time, uplifting and fresh —great Dharma. For new meditators, this volume is a practical and jargon-free guide to all the core classical teachings. As an experienced beginner, I found Sucitto’s discussions of dependent origination and the nature of stream-entry particularly helpful.”—Inquiring Mind


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ISBN: 9781590307649
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Publisher: Shambhala
Publication Date: April 27th, 2010
Pages: 226
Language: English