Runes of Iona (Paperback)

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Iona: daughter of a brilliant father who changed the Earth's weather and a martyred mother who led rebels against the despotic Gaia Dome theocrats. Reared in secret by a hermit, she crossed the dead zone to seek out the destiny her parents had planned for her years before.

Kull: son of slaves, privileged ward of a Dome ruler, reluctant solo argonaut to cannibal shores, and guerilla tactician. Together, they would gather a ragtag army of cave-dwelling warrior children determined to wrest their freedom from the corrupt Gaia clergy and bring a ravaged planet back to life.

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ISBN: 9781587902031
ISBN-10: 1587902036
Publisher: Regent Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 2010
Pages: 349
Language: English
Series: Blessings of Gaia