Taoist Sexual Meditation: Connecting Love, Energy and Spirit (Paperback)

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For millennia, Taoists have practised the art of sexual meditation, developing a powerful system that resolves energetic blockages while connecting mind, body, and heart. Taoist master Bruce Frantzis spent seven years studying with a Taoist group in China where the primary teaching was on sex as a spiritual path. In this book he shares these ancient secrets.

About the Author

Bruce Frantzis is the author of nine books, including "Tao of Letting Go," " Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body," and "The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi." He contributes regularly to magazines such as "Men's Health," "Empty Vessel," and "Inside King Fu." Frantzis has served as an advisor to Harvard University's Qi Research Group and in 2010 received an award for lifetime achievement from the National Qigong Association.

Praise For…

“Bruce Frantzis leads his readers on a journey of sensational discovery through the world of energy-generating sexuality. I am delighted to see more light brought to the world of sexual meditation.”
--Nicole Daedone, Author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm

Taoist Sexual Meditation will inspire you to give and receive sexual pleasure in both ordinary and extraordinary ways. Using the powerful, time-honored Taoist concepts and techniques provided, you’ll master skills to gain more sensation, intimacy, and delight for yourself and your partner. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking greater satisfaction and joy in their lovemaking.”
--Patricia Taylor, PhD, author of Expanded Orgasm: Soar to Ecstasy at Your Lover’s Every Touch 

“In this finely crafted book, Tao adept Bruce Frantzis provides us with both the theory and practice of Taoist esoteric sexual teachings. Whether it’s the sensual or the spiritual aspect of sex that turns you on most, you’ll find clear guidance and sound advice in these pages.” 
–Daniel Reid, author of The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity 

“Against the trendiness of works on ‘Tantric sex’ that are fashionable, glitzy, and almost vacuous, Taoist Sexual Meditation is a pleasurable book, yet one that is to be read by the serious spiritual seeker who knows that within the lived experience of our erotic body lies the path to living life in love, freedom, and joy.” 
–Barnaby B. Barratt, PhD, DHS, past president of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists and author of Liberating Eros and What Is Tantric Practice?

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