Zoland Poetry: An Annual of Poems, Translations & Interviews, No. 2 (Paperback)

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By Roland Pease (Editor)
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Zoland Poetry's second edition includes new poems by well-known veterans and writers to watch, translations from Chinese, Kurdish, Spanish, Bengali, Catalan, Russian, Poish, Japanese and French, and interviews of rising stars by by acknowledged masters. Zoland Poetry's online arm -- www.zolandpoetry.com -- expands and updates work in the annual by including quarterly book reviews of recent poetry collections from here and abroad, original language material for the works in translation, translator essays and notes, and audio clips of select poets, and will be an active virtual year-round gathering place for a community deeply interested in the world of contemporary poetry.

Contributors include: Coral Bracho, Miles Champion, Connie Deanovich, Bei Dao, Tony Towle, Roman Antopolsky, Merrill Gilfillan, Hsia Yu, Steve Bradbury, Ryan Murphy, Jennifer Scappettone, Mohammad Rafiq, Elizabeth Robinson, Haines Eason, Anne Porter, Ernest Farres, Janis Butler Holm, Joan Walsh, Elena Fanailova, Steve Langan, Andrea Cohen, Lee Harwood, William Corbett, Eduardo Chirinos, Mitchell Douglas, John Estes, Katie Peterson, Farhad Shakely, Deborah Meadows, Augusto Rodriguez, MLB, Peter Minter, Ito Hiromi, Timothy Liu, Lorand Gaspar, Jeffrey Yang.

About the Author

As editor and publisher of Zoland Books for fifteen years, Roland Pease published such writers as Ha Jin, Kevin Young, Anne Porter, William Corbett, Lisa Jarnot, John Yau, Michael O Brien and Ange Mlinko. He currently serves as fiction and poetry editor of Steerforth Press and its Zoland Books imprint."

Praise For…

"Zoland Poetry is an indispensable collection for anyone interested in the full spectrum of poetry. Roland Pease has assembled an eclectic range of poets, from this country and abroad, whose works will surprise, provoke, and generally astonish readers. His tastes are large, catholic, and uncommonly wise. What a thrill it is to hear so many true voices singing, speaking, arguing back and forth across these pages. It is as if we have been invited to a wonderful party that will last all night." — Christopher Merrill

"The hit-to-miss ratio of Zoland Poetry places it somehwhere between highly recommended and essential." — American Book Review

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ISBN: 9781581952247
ISBN-10: 1581952244
Publisher: Zoland Books
Publication Date: March 4th, 2008
Pages: 232
Language: English
Series: Zoland Poetry: An Annual of Poems