Hunab Ku: 77 Sacred Symbols for Balancing Body and Spirit (Paperback)

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The Mayan symbol Hunab Ku represents movement and energy—the principle of life itself—in a spiraling design reminiscent of the Eastern yin-yang symbol. As an embodiment of harmony and balance, Hunab Ku invites us into the age of consciousness, which is predicted to begin on December 21, 2012.HUNAB KU prepares us for this cosmic awakening by presenting 77 sacred symbols that create an interactive system for learning, healing, and meditation. Beautifully illustrated and exhaustively researched, this virtual pilgrimage invites us to explore artifacts, earthworks, numerological patterns, and archetypes from diverse traditions the world over: ancient Greece, the Americas, Africa, the British Isles, Babylon, India, and beyond. Hunab Ku waits for you at the book’s center, the threshold between our present age and the coming age of enlightenment. Like runes, tarot, and other pathworking systems, the archetypes herein open doors, create bridges, and shed light on our past and our future. These spiritual signposts are all around us and within, waiting to be interpreted. Let HUNAB KU be your guide.

  • A richly illustrated book that draws on cross-cultural ancient symbols, numerology, archetypes, and earthworks, and the chakras.
  • Includes 77 vivid full-color illustrations placed within the framework and palette of the seven chakras.
  • Builds on the growing popularity of José Arguelles’s The Mayan Factor and Carl Johan Calleman’s The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.
  • About the Author

    KAREN SPEERSTRA and her son, JOEL SPEERSTRA, have spent many years researching and visiting ancient sites. Karen authored The Earthshapers and has worked for more than 30 years in publishing. She lives in Randolph Center, Vermont. Joel authored and edited several books on early music, builds clavichords, and currently teaches music in Guteborg, Sweden.

    Praise For…

    “In this enchanting book, the Speerstras offer a rare glimpse into the power, meaning, and magic of ancient symbols throughout time and across cultures. It’s great reading for healing the spirit.”—Cyndi Dale, author of ADVANCED CHAKRA HEALING

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    ISBN: 9781580911689
    Publisher: Crossing Press
    Publication Date: May 1st, 2005
    Pages: 352