Let's Get Primitive: The Urban Girls Guide to Camping (Paperback)

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The definitive camping manual for urban gals who appreciate sidewalks and all-night sushi bars, LET'S GET PRIMITIVE is an invitation to embrace your inner mountain mama and follow the call of the wild. A writer and filmmaker turned outdoor aficionado, Heather Menicucci shares hard-won backcountry lessons that cover all the basics--planning the trip, getting the gear, fitting it in your backpack, choosing a campsite, stocking a primitive pantry, and pitching your tent. Packed with informative illustrations, tasty recipes, campy craft projects, and how-to tips galore, this sturdy and stylish companion will encourage the most citified fashionista to get down in the dirt and transcend our ultracivilized world . . . for the weekend, at least.Reviews:

"Working in a cubicle is as open-air as most of us city folk get, and that's no way to live. Thankfully, Heather Menicucci has offered an open-ended ticket to sunrises, sunsets, and warm, whiskey-doused sing-alongs in the great outdoors. Let's Get Primitive is an enlightening guide that will inspire you to tear down the (half) walls, delve back into nature, and dream under stars that you can actually see."--Jeffrey Yamaguchi, author of 52 Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity"Heather's book is the perfect D.I.Y. primer for any gal seeking to step away from the fray, nurture her independent spirit, and see what kind of fire and spice lurks underneath her sugar and nice." --Gayla Trail, author of You Grow Girl

"Let's Get Primitive describes Menicucci's] transformation from a lipstick-wearing, bug-fearing diva to an expert on backcountry camping. The book includes entertaining anecdotes and lots of advice, including suggestions for gear that will make your camp-outs more pleasant."--USA Today

"This camping guide for the urban girl is a how-to that won't weigh you down."--Curve magazine

"Menicucci not only makes the case for why to camp, but her call to the wild is matched with truckloads of practical advice--even campfire recipes good enough to try at home. Let's Get Primitive will certainly empower you to handle bees and bears, but what makes this book a winner is that it will also make you feel better about pooping outside."--Bust magazine

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About the Author

Heather Menicucci is a writer, filmmaker, and unabashed dabbler with an impressive sticker collection. She has produced award-winning short films, reported on National Park Service meetings, contributed to BUST magazine, and filmed epic sweet-sixteen galas. Although she dreams of someday permanently pitching her tent in Costa Rica, she currently makes camp in New York and Pennsylvania. Next up on her backcountry agenda: learn to fish.
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ISBN: 9781580087889
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Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2007
Pages: 224
Language: English