The Job-Hunter's Survival Guide: How to Find Hope and Rewarding Work, Even When "There Are No Jobs" (Paperback)

The Job-Hunter's Survival Guide: How to Find Hope and Rewarding Work, Even When
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One hundred pages of lifesaving advice for people out of work. When over ten million people have needed help with their job-hunt--or with figuring out what to do with their life--there is one person they have turned to, more than any other. He is Richard N. Bolles, author of the #1 job-hunting book of all time, What Color Is Your Parachute? His name is well-known around the world. Just during the last twelve months, he has appeared in Time ("10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now," March 2009), U.S. News & World Report (deemed "savior of the nation's unemployed," October 2008), NBC's Today Show (broadcast in April 2009), and many other publications and shows. His book was the #1 best-seller on BusinessWeek's paperback list as recently as last November.

Never has his advice been more sought than during these brutal economic times. He has responded by writing a completely new book: The Job-Hunter's Survival Guide, designed particularly for people who are hanging on the ropes, who haven't time to do a lot of reading but need help desperately--and now. Early reviews have called this little Guide "brilliant" and "tremendously helpful.

About the Author

Richard N. Bolles is the author of What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers, the best-selling job-hunting book of all time, having sold 10,000,000 copies to date. The book is updated every year, exists in 20 languages, and is used in 26 countries around the globe.

Praise For…

Parachute remains the gold standard of career guides.”
Fortune magazine

“’The Job-Hunter’s Survival Guide’ is slim . . . but there is nothing small about the book’s job-hunting tips.”
—McClatchy-Tribune Information Services
“a quick and concise book. . . . And, at $9.99, it’s priced to sell.”
—Sunday New York Times
“chock-a-block with bullet points and tips” / “a best-hits collection of advice...culled from his 40 years of career guidance.”
—Tali Arbel, “Watercooler” Columnist, Associated Press
“Bolles’ short, sharp tome offers triage to those job seekers who may be either flummoxed with the economy or paralyzed by indecisiveness or lack of a clear path. ...his folksy, familiar style and presentation are an effective tonic for jittery nerves and chronic brain freeze. It’s pretty ballsy for an author to produce something that might cannibalize sales of his other books, but this disruptive act of creative destruction is actually a brilliant stroke by Bolles and could provide just the gentle push needed by many.”
—Richard Pachter, Miami Herald
“a peach of a book. …so elegantly slim and direct. …Take a spin through this book and do what it says until you find a job.”
—Working Strategies syndicated career columnist Amy Lindgren, St. Paul Pioneer Press
“Any reader who takes the time to practice these lessons will dreastically improve their odds of finding employment and finding it soon.”
—Sacramento Book Review
“a cheaper, more concise guide...for job hunters facing today's brutal job market."
—Content That Works, Syndicated “Working Class” Career Columnist Leslie Whitaker
"Over 15 million Americans are looking for work. ...They need a parachute. And that's exactly what they have."
—Christianity Today
“Bolles gives job hunters concise, down-to-earth advice by summarizing many different methods of finding jobs in a down economy.”
—Library Journal

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ISBN: 9781580080262
ISBN-10: 158008026X
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: July 14th, 2009
Pages: 102
Language: English