Tango: An Argentine Love Story (Paperback)

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Tangois a memoir by a woman who loved, lost, got mad, and decided to dance. The book traces the author's fall, redemption, and renewal through tango.

After a violent encounter with her ex's new girlfriend, Camille Cusumanodecided she had some serious soul-searching to do. She took off for Buenos Aires intending to stay a few short weeks, but when her search for inner peace met with her true passionfortango, she realized she d need to stay in Argentina indefinitely.Tangochronicles Camille's experience falling in love with a countrythrough the dance that embodies intensity, freedom, and passionall pivotal to her own process of self-discovery. From the charm of local barrios to savory empanadas, Camille whole-heartedly embraces the ardent culture of Argentina, and soon a month-long escape turns into a year-long personal odyssey. Slowly letting go of her anger through a blend of tango, Zen, and a burgeoning group of friends, she discovers that her fierceness and patience can exist in harmony as she learns how to survive in style when love falls apart.

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"In her memoir, the author’s accounts of passionate, sweaty tango dances are reinterpreted through her explanation of Zen. In this sense the reader comes to understand how tango, as Cusumano puts it, is not a “vice” but a “virtue”, as it becomes a way to fall in love with Argentina.
The Argentimes

"If you've ever loved and lost, Tango: An Argentine Love Story, by Camille Cusumano, will ring true. After a failed relationship, the author heads to Argentina--and finds mouthwatering cuisine, welcoming people, and a passion for dance. Though it may take two to tango, the lesson here is how to live happily on your own."
Shape Magazine

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ISBN: 9781580052504
Publisher: Seal Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2008
Pages: 272