A Can of Peas (Paperback)

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Weaving together the strong threads of family and friends in a pattern of grace, forgiveness, and kindness, "A Can of Peas" invites readers into a place where every day brings a new story and neighbors are more than just people who live down the road. Sometimes funny and often poignant, these vignettes will draw both men and women into the reassuring rhythms of life as it ought to be and as it still is in the heart of America.
After the death of his grandfather, Peter Morgan and his new bride, Mae, face a life-changing decision: should they embrace the career-chasing ambitions of their family and friends in St. Paul or accept the absurd challenge of saving the family farm in the Minnesota countryside?
Enticed by the romance of a simple, quiet life, the Morgans set out to follow in the footsteps of Peter's grandparents. Soon, Peter is farming around the clock, barely one step ahead of failure as Mae struggles to find her place in Peter's life and in the community. Will the strain of saving the farm tear their marriage apart? Was it a mistake to dream?

About the Author

Traci DePree is the editor behind many of today s award-winning and best-selling Christian novels. She brings over a decade of experience in Christian fiction to her writing, offering a blend of earthy Midwest wisdom with deeply rooted conviction. Traci enjoys gardening, visiting with neighbors, and volunteering in her community. She makes her home with her husband, John, and their four children in a rural farming town in Minnesota. Visit her website at www.tracidepree.com. "
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ISBN: 9781578565238
ISBN-10: 1578565235
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Publication Date: July 16th, 2002
Pages: 320
Language: English