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"Live...Suburbia " is a collection of stories and images of the post-1960s subcultures that define America. It's kids taking their urethane wheels to empty pools, picking British Punk in broad downstrokes and creating Hardcore, it's skinheads wearing sneakers and moshing in Connecticut warehouses." Live...Suburbia " is dedicated to denim devils twirling butterfly knives and hasty tags thrown down with Rust-Oleum touch-up paint stolen from your parent's garage.
Most importantly "Live...Suburbia "is a new approach in compiling a book. We have Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr and thousands of blogs documenting subcultures, but we're interested in the other side: real people's archives and memories, the ones that haven't been passed around so many times that we have no idea where they came from.
The book begins with Kiss. From there "Live...Suburbia "rushes through years packed with ninjas, long metal hair, BMX dirt jumps, karate, seven-ply skateboards, bathroom mohawks, skinheads, jockey hardcore kids, basement DJs, graffiti murals behind supermarkets, and finally we arrive in the 1990s where it all collides.

About the Author

Anthony Pappalardo is the co-author of "Radio Silence: A Selected Visual History of American Hardcore Music" published by MTV in 2008. He also wrote for "Slap" magazine from 1997 to 2002. Pappalardo's writing has been published in "Alternative Press, Mass Appeal," and "Magnet." He currently records music as the Italian Horn and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Max G. Morton's writing came to be after he started organizing the stories of his extraordinary life in 2005 when he was diagnosed with cancer. Max's out-of-print debut, "Indestructible Wolves of the Apocalypse Junkyard," was published in 2007. His 2008 compendium "23" led to a standing-room-only reading at the Strand bookstore and a feature in the prestigious "Lit Seen" book column in the "Village Voice." Morton's second book, "Looking For the Magic," was released in July 2009. He currently runs Heartworm Press alongside Wesley Eisold, and resides in the West Village. He has written lyrics for and performed with Cold Cave (on "Cremations") and has performed alongside Boyd Rice, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, and John Joseph.

Praise For…

“It’s like a personal, pictorial history book of everything Boston punk kids have been doing for the last 30 years…It’s kind of like a BHC version of the Up movies and will probably be on the coffee table or cistern of every person you know come Christmas.”

"Suburban skate punks shred the coffee table."
-Dazed & Confused

“It’s a visually compelling journey into a simultaneously disturbing and sentimental netherworld where being isolated from others usually means just one thing: dying to get out.”

“A sick collection with tons of throw back pics and personal stories of the post-1960s subcultures and how it unfolded before us.”
-Heel Bruise

"[...] it reads like your cool, older friend's account of all the things you never got to experience. Only this time it's illustrated with a killer collection of photographs and great art direction."

It’s an awesome book with stories about everything that mattered to me growing up."
-Shepard Fairey

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ISBN: 9781576875803
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Publisher: powerHouse Books
Publication Date: October 11th, 2011
Pages: 239
Language: English