Jerusalem Poems: Psychological Analysis of the Poetry of Ilana Haley (Paperback)

Jerusalem Poems: Psychological Analysis of the Poetry of Ilana Haley By John Brusseau Cover Image
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Each of our lives, like each human society, has a political/ego-driven perception of our life and its issues, and an unconsciously whispered version of our life. It is the unconscious mind's version of our life that holds all of the insight we need in order to effectively and fully come to terms with our hopes and our fears, our conflicts and our passions. This book delivers to the reader the unconscious mind's version of a human life.And this particular life, Ilana Haley the poet, is strangely representative of our species as a whole, in our idealistic beginnings, our early traumas, our adventurous youth, our passionate adulthood, our slowly emerging hope of a psychological/spiritual metamorphosis, and the longed for resolution of our seemingly un-solvable conflicts. With this psychological landscape so fully drawn by both the poetry of a gifted poet, Ilana Haley, and the analysis of John Brusseau, the reader is gifted with insightful access to the landscape of their own life.This is a book that is at once both intellectually clear-sighted and spiritually vibrant.

About the Author

Learned to do Jungian Dream work when I was a teen. Have done extensive dream work with many people for over three decades as a counselor in a religious community setting. Have developed the Conductive Reasoning Approach to Psychological therapy, which essentially takes the cues emerging from the unconscious mind for the direction and nature of the therapeutic work that will be done.
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ISBN: 9781543922172
ISBN-10: 1543922171
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: May 25th, 2018
Pages: 118
Language: English