Restaurant Training Manual: A Complete Restaurant Training Manual - Management, Servers, Bartenders, Barbacks, Greeters, Cooks Prep Cooks and Dish (Paperback)

Restaurant Training Manual: A Complete Restaurant Training Manual - Management, Servers, Bartenders, Barbacks, Greeters, Cooks Prep Cooks and Dish Cover Image
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Whether you are a new restaurant or an existing restaurant, the restaurant training manual will be the perfect guide to train your management and staff members. This guide covers all aspects of restaurant management and operations. This training manual goes into detail on how to provide top notch customer service, kitchen and food preparation, tracking inventory and sales, managing food and labor cost, how to be prepared for emergencies and daily restaurant operations. Use different sections in this manual to train cooks, prep cooks, dishwashers, servers, greeters, bartenders and barbacks. We recommend using the entire manual to train managers since they need to know all the areas in the restaurant.The information in this manual has been used in many successful restaurants. The material in this manual was created by individuals who worked in the restaurant industry and know how to create a thriving business with exceptional customer service.The manual includes the following management topics: -Orientation-Sexual Harassment-Open Door Policy-Minor Laws-What Makes a Great Manager?-Manager Job Description-Hiring and Termination Procedures-Interviewing and Hiring Process-Application and Hiring-Do's and Don'ts of Hiring-Interviewing Process-Suspending/Terminating Employees-The Manager's Walk-through and Figure Eights-Opening/Closing Manager Responsibilities-Opening Manager Responsibilities-Closing Manager Responsibilities-Restaurant Pre-Shift Alley Rally-Call Outs-Communication Skills-How to Read Body Language-The Customer's Eyes-How to Prevent Guest Complaints-Guest Recovery-Restaurant Safety-Flow of Food-Food Safety & Allergens-Time & Temperature-Food Borne Illness-Cash Procedures & Bank Deposits-Manager Computer Functions-Bookkeeping-Management Cash Register Audits-Management Safe Fund Audits-Management Perpetual Inventory Audit-Labor and Food Cost Awareness-Food Cost Awareness & Inventory-Food Cost Awareness & Theft-Food Cost Awareness & Preventive Measures-Restaurant Prime Cost-Restaurant Emergency Procedures-Refrigerator Units / Freezer Units Procedures-Robberies-Fires-Responsibility of Owner/Employer.

About the Author

Jeffrey D. Schim - Restaurant Consultant/Trainer http: // Jeffrey Schim has over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He started off in the kitchen and worked through nearly every role in the restaurant up to General Manager. He has received intensive management training and schooling at several corporate restaurants, as well as on the job training from experienced managers. He understands the importance of controlling costs and providing top notch service. He has taken all the knowledge and training he has gained over the years to compile that information into a step-by-step guide for restaurant management and staff members. He provides the information in such a way that people new to restaurant management or experienced in restaurants can gain knowledge and understand what is presented. He provides details and also gives examples to help people to relate to the training topics. His experience as a manager made him good at spotting inconsistency and where improvements can be made. He is a consultant for restaurants and always seeks to provide the best information to help restaurants be more successful. His experience taught him what works and what does not work. Jeff has a passion for helping restaurants improve and profit.
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Publication Date: April 2nd, 2016
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