Red Flags: Recognizing Abuse in Couple Relationships (Paperback)

Red Flags: Recognizing Abuse in Couple Relationships Cover Image
By Annie Stuart (Editor), Doug Focht (Illustrator), Paula Israel (Editor)
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Red Flags: Recognizing Abuse in Couple Relationships is a small book with a big mission: To bring abuse out from behind closed doors, shed light on how it happens, and help people get the guidance they need to prevent it or stop it. Through accessible language, Red Flags explains what can happen in between being in love and being in danger, and how recognizing the warning signs can be a literal lifesaver. A survivor of abuse, the author shares vignettes from her life as she contrasts healthy with unhealthy behaviors and points out ill-fated relationship missteps. This book is useful to anyone starting a relationship. It is a great tool to begin a conversation with teens. And it is a must read if you think your partner could become abusive. If you are a victim or a survivor of abuse, this is a book you will wish you had read years ago.

About the Author

Lorene D'Adam has had enough. First, she married an abuser and learned about abuse behind closed doors. Then she went to work for a domestic violence services agency. Now, decades later, she volunteers for the same agency. Throughout her adult life she has met far too many victims of abuse. Now D'Adam has written a book. By sharing her story, pointing out warning signs and misguided thinking, and offering guidance for avoiding abuse, this book fulfills a promise she made to herself: to do everything in her power to put a stop to abuse in couple relationships.
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ISBN: 9781518721489
ISBN-10: 1518721486
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 30th, 2015
Pages: 108
Language: English