Building Games with Scrolling Game Development Kit 2 (Paperback)

Building Games with Scrolling Game Development Kit 2 By Benjamin David Marty Cover Image
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This book was designed as a curriculum for a community center course to instruct and inspire young folks interested in computers and games on the use of Scrolling Game Development Kit 2. The book is written by the software's author and focuses on implementing a few different genres of 2D games in a format that supports both desktop and web browser interfaces. The software for developing the games requires Windows, but the games can run in most HTML5 browsers on any platform. Some example chapter titles include

  • Create secret passages
  • Create a Mini-map
  • Riding platforms
  • Ladders
  • Buying an item
  • Planting dynamite
  • Animating the environment
  • Cut scenes
  • Automatically scrolling
  • Sound effects

The book is filled with colorful images and screenshots to keep the readers interest and provide inspiration while following through the various topics. An 11 page index and 1-page illustration index will help readers re-locate topics of interest quickly when the printed version is all that's available.

The book's online companion content allows the reader to fully appreciate all that can be done without having to follow through all the tedium of creating content from scratch. Nine fully functional sample projects are used as reference material as the book describes numerous possibilities using the features illustrated by the projects. All the projects can build and run in a web browser.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781516825424
ISBN-10: 151682542X
Publisher: Benjamin Marty
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2015
Pages: 262
Language: English