In Trembling Boldness: Wisdom for Today from Ancient Jesus People (Hardcover)

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In Trembling Boldness: Wisdom for Today from Ancient Jesus People By Natalie R. Perkins, Hal Taussig Cover Image
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Many of us have heard about the recently discovered writings by the early followers of Jesus, but until now, only a select few--largely scholars and theologians--have actually engaged with these texts. This enlightening, first-of-its-kind book draws on the words and wisdom of these ancient Jesus people to offer everyone deeper spiritual connection today.

Using examples from modern life to introduce dozens of excerpts from texts like The Odes of Solomon, The Gospel of Thomas, and The Thunder: Perfect Mind, In Trembling Boldness draws meaning and connection between ancient followers of Jesus and the most pressing issues of today, including LGBTQ+ inclusion, incarceration, addiction, immigration, violence, illness, the work of social justice, civil disobedience, and more.

As we ruminate on these sacred words applied to contemporary life and take in beautiful images of the ancient texts recorded on papyrus and pottery, we discover new understandings and deeper connection to God and each other--making space in our hearts for the words of these ancient Jesus people.

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ISBN: 9781506485744
ISBN-10: 150648574X
Publisher: Broadleaf Books
Publication Date: June 13th, 2023
Language: English