Young Earth Creation: Evidence that Demands an Audience (Paperback)

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Did you know that there is strong scientific evidence that the earth is only 6,000-10,000 years old? The author takes on the challenge of researching what are sometimes called the "Icons of Evolution". They are called icons because they are listed in many school textbooks as the best evidence for Naturalistic Evolution. You will learn the current evidence on: Big Bang Miller-Urey Experiment Natural Selection DNA Similarities Fossil Record Geologic Time Line Evidence of Dinosaurs Lucy Peppered Moths Haeckel's Embryos Homology Many other topics Brian DeMars has researched the evidence put forth by Darwin and subsequent scientists and found that much of it is clearly lacking in solid scientific support. In fact, many of the pieces of evidence for Naturalistic Evolution are based on the philosophy that there is no God or purposive force and so must be explained in a purely naturalistic realm. DeMars is sharing his research of the pieces of evidence as a fellow learner. He does not have any advanced science degrees and so is able to explain the principles in ways that we all can understand. Since the nature of the book is a survey, the author has included QR codes throughout the chapters so that the reader can dig deeper into areas that particularly interest them. If you are confused about the whole topic of the source of our origins, this book will help you to begin to get a handle on the topic. The bottom line is that the unchanging Word of God has much to tell us about how we, and everything around us, came about. Brian DeMars, M.A. taught Physical Education and coached Basketball and Volleyball at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, East Africa from 1982-1999. He was a professor of Kinesiology at Fresno Pacific University from 1999-2013.
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ISBN: 9781498469371
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Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: January 16th, 2017
Pages: 278
Language: English