Two Rare Birds a Legacy of Love: Stories of Life, Death, Courage & Purpose (Paperback)

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"Two Rare Birds: A Legacy of Love" is an inspirational memoir that traces the spiritual journey Lily Myers Kaplan took following her sister's death from a fourteen-year battle with brain cancer. Her brother-in-law, Dave, followed nine months later, after ten years of colon cancer. Lily recounts their in-tandem cancer journey with Dave's words as a guiding maxim:

"To me it's a double love story. We're shortchanging it to say it's just about cancer; there's so much more to it than that. Others would see six cancers in eleven years between two people, but to me THAT is not the story. It's not about physical hardship; it's about all the growth and changes that have come with it."

An entirely thoughtful and profoundly honest story, "Two Rare Birds" tracks Lily through the long tunnel of grief. With a listening heart, she examines her ancestral heritage, giving meaning to the joys and struggles she faced with her sister over the years.

As their fates unfold, Lily finds renewed faith in something larger than this physical world. She pieces herself back together with memory, myth, and the mystical, awakening to the full power of love and forgiveness.

"Two Rare Birds "serves as a beacon of hope for the grieving heart. It is breathtaking to discover how much inner strength and peace can be found while facing difficulty and death.

About the Author

For thirty years, Lily Myers Kaplan has guided hundreds of people to navigate life's challenges, overcome traumas, and deepen spirituality, helping them become more vitally alive. Kaplan holds a master's degree in culture and spirituality from The Sophia Center of Holy Names College, but her most valued credential is her experience of living a soul-path grounded in the everyday world. Foundational to her work is a love of the natural world, a value for service, a belief that life is enhanced by embracing death, and a commitment to creating meaning and purpose as a form of healing. Kaplan currently resides in Oakland, California, with her beloved husband and their sweet dog, Shayna (which, in Yiddish, means "Beauty.") She can be reached through her website: http: //
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Publication Date: March 1st, 2014
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