The Money Anxiety Cure: A Path to Financial Wellness (Paperback)

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Did you know that we have become, both personally and collectively, increasingly engaged in a modern epidemic known as money anxiety disorder, eroding our self-confidence, our relationships, and our vision of the future? It can be triggered by negative events - fluctuations on Wall Street, a job loss, divorce, and even health issues. It can also be triggered by positive changes in our lives - the birth of a new child, marriage, or graduating high school or college. And even when our lives are stable, many of us suffer from an underlying anxiety of simply staying on budget and saving for retirement. The good news is we don't have to be at the mercy of it. By learning practical financial exercises and incorporating mindfulness and somatic practices in this book, we can create a more healthy relationship with our money and be on a path to financial wellbeing. Koorosh is dedicated to the practice of cultivating mindfulness, alleviating anxiety, and helping his clients and students maintain balance and achieve financial wellbeing.

About the Author

Author Koorosh Ostowari has successfully bridged the gap between spiritual and material worlds. He has operated a profitable real estate business in San Francisco for the past 25 years and is trained as a Spirit Rock Meditation Center Dharma Leader, is a certified somatic therapist, and offers spiritual and communications classes to men and women in the Northern California prison system. His new book, The Money Anxiety Cure: A Path To Financial Wellbeing, offers tools to help those struggling with financial anxiety achieve a new, personally meaningful vision of prosperity.
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