Wuthering Heights (Paperback)

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A wealthy man rents a cottage for a vacation. His landlord, Mr. Heathcliff and the rest of the inhabitants are odd. That night, he sees a ghost. The next day, his housekeeper tells the story of the family. Join us for Emily Bronte's brooding classic tale of a love affair doomed to a tragic end with some of the most memorable characters ever written.

About the Author

Emily Jane Bronte was born on July 30, 1818 in Thornton, West Riding of Yorkshire, England; the fifth of six children. Emily's mother died when she was three years old and the four sisters were sent away to private school, where they were abused. When an Typhus epidemic hit the school, two of the sisters died. The three remaining sisters and their brother were home-schooled from then on by their father and aunt. Their father was so strict that the children were forced to remain silent all day in a room together, so they developed fantasy worlds along with the Duke of Wellington. It was at this point, that Emily began to write poetry, none of which still exists. In 1838, Emily became a teacher, but the stress from the long days caused her to become ill. After that, she stayed home to take care of the household. The girls tried to open their own school, but weren't able to attract any students because of their remote location. In 1845, older sister Charlotte published some of Emily's poetry in a volume with her own and other sister Anne's under the names Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. In 1847, Emily published her only novel, "Wuthering Heights," also under the name Ellis Bell. Emily died on December 19, 1848, at age 30, in Haworth, Yorkshire, England, of tuberculosis.
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