Fragments of Life's Memories Relived: A Poet's Farewell and Notes on Life's Passing (Paperback)

Fragments of Life's Memories Relived: A Poet's Farewell and Notes on Life's Passing Cover Image
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The day I decide to die, the fragments of life's moments that shine through joy and sadness, longing and remorse, envy and jealousy, loneliness and love, parades in my mind's mirror second by second. In this booklet, I will try to paint their reflections in the color of words. Listen to the moon. It mourns in the silence of the sky, for days buried in the tomb of time. It crawls into the cavity of its own flesh and finds nothing, only the cold, cruel, clouds of confusion. Tears like the black river runs onto the rounds of its face. To relive life's bitter and beautiful moments, sadly, joyfully, the moon circles around itself and circles again. Like a broken mirror, fragments of life's moments shines through joy, through sadness, through longing, and through remorse, creating a skyfull of illusions. They now parade in the moon's memory, sadly, joyfully, erotically, second by second. "Courage" and "determination" defeats fear and hesitation. Death arrives by invitation, and I begin to revisit days of my life.

About the Author

I was born in Iran, land of poetry, home of thousands of great poets, home of Rumi, Khayyam, Hafez, and Sadi... I used to create a musical harmony of words as I walked every day to my school in Tehran. I was in love with the sound of words. But their connections to the thoughts that lived in them came later... I was fifteen when I wrote my first two-line poem. Then, enchanted with myself, I began to write more. Poetry came to me like a river flowing onto an arid land. I took it in and absorbed it into my thirsty soul. It gave me a new energy to fly, to reach the horizon.
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ISBN: 9781478735816
ISBN-10: 1478735813
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: May 30th, 2014
Pages: 36
Language: English