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This is a story of the power of a prisoner's dream and the struggle of a family looking for answers in an alien environment. It is the saga of a boy growing up as one of the few whites on a tropical paradise with a life full of adventure, humor, and irreplaceable memories. Prison To Paradise is a tale that spans three generations of a tumultuous family history. Juan Sibul is a Russian revolutionary who is imprisoned for his writings, and after an extraordinary escape, he gets to America where, with the help of notables like Mark Twain, he is influential in changing the course of Russian history. His son Leo is born in New York and matures into a brilliant entrepreneur. He marries an innocent college graduate, and in his search for a better lifestyle, they travel to an unknown Caribbean island where they struggle with making a life for the family. They have three children, and their youngest is Peter, who quickly learns to cope with his wild surroundings, and who now relates his story of a very unique childhood.

About the Author

Peter Narodny is a writer with a very different upbringing. After leaving the island of Dominica at the age of 16, he went to a prep school in New York, and then to Cornell. Peter has a passion for writing and has won awards for some of his short stories, and self-published his first book Twenty-Five Great Jokes You can Remember. He lives with his wife in Marin County, California where he is a real estate broker. He loves sailing and travel and has a loving family of three wonderful boys.
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ISBN: 9781478726616
ISBN-10: 147872661X
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: October 28th, 2014
Pages: 212
Language: English