Timeless Thoughts & Words of Wisdom from the Mind of Tonya D. Floyd Volume 2 (Paperback)

Timeless Thoughts & Words of Wisdom from the Mind of Tonya D. Floyd Volume 2 By Tonya Dwan Floyd Cover Image
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If it makes me feel, it makes me write. Over the years I've sent out thousands of thoughts day by day, offering tidbits on everything from how to have fun to how to turn things around, pick yourself up, hold it together, different ways of looking at things, and on and on, but I never said it would be easy to do any of the above. It really is a process, and I'm deep in mine. See, what I learned was that in my need to de-clutter my own brain, I was helping people do all the above. You could ask yourself (or me) who I think I am to be counseling folks on anything, but I'm just a girl. I'm a human being just like you. I have noticed a new trend though. I remember when I started sending out my thought for the day, my list was kinda short and people were like "what is she talking about now," but lately I seem to get more than a few during my day from different people-they're on social media outlets, in both my in-boxes, and I get the occasional text message too. Apparently people recognize that people need something, and some people are willing to share what they've been finding. Can you hear me now? Do you get it now? People are hurting, angry, confused, sad, struggling, lonely, and so many other things that can leave anybody feeling deflated and pessimistic about life in general. So I write. Now, I know you won't be easily swayed simply by what I'm saying, but if you pick up Volume 1 and scan through it quickly, you're either gonna laugh, or you're gonna nod in agreement. I guarantee it. So give this little reference book a chance. Maybe you'll find something you really need in here. What have you got to lose?
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ISBN: 9781467520546
ISBN-10: 1467520543
Publisher: Versatili-T Creations
Publication Date: April 1st, 2012
Pages: 244
Language: English