Their Life's Work: The Brotherhood of the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers, Then and Now (Hardcover)

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With immersive reporting, respect, and honesty, Pomerantz tells the full story of the greatest dynasty in football history--the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers.

One team. Four Super Bowl championships. Twelve Hall of Famers. Two hundred interviews.

They were the best to ever play the game: the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970s. Three decades later their names echo in popular memory--Mean Joe, Bradshaw, Webster, Lambert, Ham, Blount, Franco, Swann, and Stallworth. They define not only the brother-hood and camaraderie of football, but what Americans love about their most popular sport: its artistry and its brutality. From the team's origins in a horseplayer's winnings to the young armored gods who immaculately beat the Raiders in 1972 to the grandfathers with hobbles in their gait, Their Life's Work tells the full, intimate story of the Steeler dynasty. But this book does much more than that: it tells football's story. What the game gives, what it takes, and why, to a man, every Steeler, full well knowing the costs, unhesitatingly states, "I'd do it again.

Praise For…

What sets Their Life's Work well above other books that tell us about teammates in their glory and their dotage, is that Gary Pomerantz not only brings such flair to the Steelers' glory days, but he also instructs us so vividly how, in football, teammates don't just grow old, they grow in pain and fear.
-Frank Deford

“This is a special book about a special moment in a special town. You cannot understand one of America's great cities today without understanding the special place the Steelers hold in Pittsburgh—and, unless you have season tickets, you cannot fully understand Pittsburgh without Their Life's Work.”
-David M. Shribman, Executive Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Pittsburgh Press

What has become of the best team ever? Pomerantz has the story, the lowdown and the afterglow. A wealth of prime Steeler stuff.
-Roy Blount Jr., Author of About Three Bricks Shy of A Load

Their Life's Work is that rare book that is brutally authentic, vigorously reported, smoothly written, and hauntingly sympathetic all at the same time. Sport , coach, team, city, sensibility all powerfully rendered.
-David Maraniss, Author of When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi

"I've been waiting for a book, written in an exhilarating and cogent and intelligent way, on the best football team of my adult life, and now it's here. I loved the Steelers way back when, and now that I know them in their middle age and beyond, I love their story. That's not just because Joe Greene and Terry Bradshaw and Jack Lambert are compelling figures. It's because Gary Pomerantz wrote it the way Roger Kahn wrote 'Boys of Summer.' This book will be 'Men of Fall' for my football generation.''
-Peter King, senior writer, Sports Illustrated.

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